how to manage emotions more effectively

Ways to Manage Emotions

Have you ever gone mad, lost your head, lost yourself completely, or worried about something? Is your answer yes? So you also know how these outbursts of emotion result (usually not very bright).

If you’ve had a fit before, you’ll also remember that you didn’t experience significant happiness after your outburst.

If you have a thought that leads to sadness or anger, and you insist on maintaining it, you are well aware that the end of this work will be a future depression at the speed of light.

Emotions are the most oppressive and sometimes painful driving forces that make us feel the existence of our lives. In fact, every moment is under the yoke of our emotions. We take risks because we are excited to get new customers. We cry because we’re hurt or we sacrifice for someone because we love it. Emotions come with their unwavering authority, punch their fists on the table and control our thoughts, intentions and actions, which are the symbol of rationality. But if we make a hasty decision without thinking, act only on our emotions or rely on false feelings, then we make decisions that we will regret a lot.

The mistake you will understand is the unpleasant feeling that is left to us after the emotional outbursts, regardless of who or what the outcome is.

Our emotions are always on the edge. Sometimes we find ourselves in an outburst. Sometimes we just get filled with enthusiasm. As in many aspects of life, emotions can only be controlled from a moderate and rational point of view. That doesn’t mean we won’t cry for joy after all the great news, or we’ll never fall in love. These are indeed the finest things in life. Emotions that need to be addressed with importance are negative ones.

Negative emotions, such as anger, jealousy or pain, tend to get out of control, especially after they are triggered. Such emotions can grow over time like weeds, and each one will push your mind to focus more on harmful emotions, almost dominating your daily life, and ultimately slowing down your flow of life. Have you ever met someone who is always angry or hostile in the world that you think might have opened their eyes to exactly this way? Yes? Sure, they weren’t born that way either. However, they allowed so many emotions that came from their creation that they became reality.

Because uncontrolled thoughts or emotions will inevitably destroy your good mood. Over time, these negative feelings will become more common to you.

If you ask someone who has just been divorced or has lost someone they love so much – they will tell you that after a while the act of crying has become a part of their selves and that they have no place to escape.

The more difficult it is for a dog wrapped in an appetite to break up with it, the harder it is for us humans to try not to become obsessed with it.

Therefore, allowing our minds to work together with our existing problems may seem a much easier way – but such a situation leads our thoughts or emotions to continue feeding each other until they consume us better and strengthen themselves day by day.

Since this is the state of emotions, how can we avoid showing negative emotions and how can we master emotion management even under the most difficult conditions?

You should follow these steps if you want to avoid expressing your feelings in full, in the event of an emotional explosion, to control and manage your emotions, and to develop yourself in your mind, not in any difficulty, in your logic. There is no doubt that these methods will soothe your surging soul and will also gather your confused mind.

Here are 10 ways to control emotions for you

1- Avoid immediate reactions.
2- Take refuge in the existence of a divine power, spirituality.
3. Find a valid way out.
4- Focus on the big picture.
5- Change your thinking.
6- Learn to tolerate your emotional triggers.
8- Meditate.
9- One and a half minutes, keep in mind the rule.
10- Take care of your favorite things.

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