Simple Business Ideas That Make Entrepreneur Rich

5 Simple Jobs Ideas That Make Entrepreneur Rich

Almost everyone in the world thinks they have ideas to make them millionaires, but very few ideas can succeed. There are countless unsuccessful attempts for every successful idea and innovation. However, some of the simple inventions and ideas that no one can think of have achieved this success. Here are 20 funnyly simple business ideas that have made their creators a millionaire with almost no work:

1. Smiley Face

The smiley face is a plague epidemic spread all over the world. There is almost no place in the world where you will not face this face. This image was created by Charlie Ball and was paid $ 45 for copyright. Then Bernard and Murray Spain, two brothers, came across this image and realized that it had great marketing potential. The two brothers use the rights of this image to companies, advertisements, etc. they sold more than $ 50 million.

2. Stress spring (Slinky)

Slinky is probably one of the most well-known toys in the world. It is almost impossible for those living in America and Europe not to encounter this toy for a part of their lives. The creator of the toy, Richard James, found the idea by accident. The bow in his hand fell to the ground and advanced along the floor. This toy, which was later sold in the form of toys, earned James and his family 250 million.

3. Crazy Straw

The pipette is among the most commonly used objects to consume beverages around the world and its history dates back to centuries. During this time, the design did not change much, because it was not necessary. One person, however, thought of giving the straws different shapes to make children drink milk and juice instead of cola. This slight change of shape has been a great success and the pipettes are bought by millions every year.

4. Magic Eight Ball

Even if this magic ball does not have the physical ability to see the future, it can be seen as a toy that can be seen in the homes of people in Europe and the United States. It is very cost-effective to produce this plastic ball with alcohol and a 20-surface membrane. It is a very successful product because it appears on many film and television programs and insanlar helps insanlar people in decision-making.

5. Million Dollar HomePage

Alex Tew earned a million doars thanks to his very special idea. A 21-year-old college student was looking for a way to pay college fees and focused on the idea of selling ads on his website. Every pixel on the site for sale from $ 1 Tew’s website became very popular. Companies and institutions around the world showed interest in the site and made their ads appear on this site. Alex Tew just made a year’s worth of $ 1 million.

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