Monetizing Online Games

If you could make a living by playing games, would you do that? This is certainly possible and hundreds of thousands of people do it every year. However, your options are quite limited and may not be as fun as you think. However, if you are still interested, keep reading.

Before we begin, I would like to talk about a distinction between direct and indirect income in computer games. Indirect income includes non-game activities such as publications, blogs, and tests that cannot be generated from a particular game but can be included in any game. Direct income is a type of income connected to a particular game.

This article is on direct income. Here are some of the games where real money transfers are one of the main features of the game and will allow you to put a few thousand pounds in your pocket during a game season:

Team Fortress 2 & Dota 2

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is one of the Valve games chosen to lead the gelir cosmetics market ”approach to revenue. The market itself is nothing new, but Valve’s strategy to control it is certainly the reason why the game was so successful.

In short, cosmetic items make you look different. Some have a more beautiful appearance than others. Some items are so cool that some players agree to pay real money to get them. So by focusing on the exchange of goods, you can exchange what you have for other players’ money. This is permitted and even encouraged by Valve.

But there is more. Earlier this year, Valve announced that 90% of the items on TF2 were actually created by players. The Item Workshop feature allows users to create models and ideas for community approval. The successful ones are sold in the TF2 store and the creators get a share of the profit.

Second Life

Second Life is a unique social MMORPG game released about 10 years ago. The site has close to 2 million members. By selecting an avatar (three-dimensional character) you enter the game. Second Life has a player-centric economy where you can make real money. Everything works on the game currency Linden Dollars. You can buy and sell real estate in the game, as well as content, clothes, gadgets can create and sell. The game also offers a host of options, including organizing and hosting meetings and events, various shows, rock concerts and camping. For example, in the game, you have the chance to earn money by sitting in front of a store and even attracting customers to the store.

Anshe Chungthe is the first person to become a millionaire in the game, and the best thing is that they can be turned into real money. Up to now, 250 million Linden has accumulated in this player’s account. In real life, it’s worth $ 1 million.

Entropia Universe

There is another MMORPG game in the same pot as Second Life. Formerly known as Project Entropia, the new name Entropia Universe, this game has an economy managed by real money. This game is not entirely focused on the social world because there are real game items like hunting, quests or crafts. Therefore, it is a more traditional MMORPG game compared to Second Life.

The currency in the game is called Project Entropia Dollars (PED), and every 3 PED is worth about $ 1. The interesting thing about Entropia Universe is that your PED currencies can be drawn directly into your bank account and you don’t need any intermediaries. Indeed the Entropia Universe economy is a game that is directly dependent on real money.


There is no guarantee that you will be able to earn revenue from all of these games. Do you want to make money by playing games? You need to spend a lot of time so that you can make money while enjoying it. You may hear stories of people who earn thousands of pounds each month, but these people are completely exceptional. Never forget that!

Are there other games that allow players to earn real money by playing games? The Diablo 3 game’s real money auction house would have been a good example if it hadn’t been closed a few months ago. You can share your ideas with us by leaving comments.

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